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"Secrets to Cooking Tex-Mex"

Cooking Terms
BAKE-to cook food uncovered in an oven.  When applied to meats and chicken, it is called roasting.

BASTE-to moisten food as it cooks to prevent the surface from drying out.

BEAT-to combine a mixture until smooth with rapid regular motion using a spoon, wire whisk or mixer.

BLACKENED-sometimes confused with 'burnt', the main difference being that 'blackened
is done intentionally, whereas 'burnt' is almost always by accident.  Normally used on poultry
and seafood, a thin coating of highly seasoned flour coats the meat or vegetable, then cooked
in hot oil and/or butter at a high temperature (450 degrees +) in a heavy skillet.

BOIL-to cook food in liquid on the stove top.

BRAISE-to cook food over low heat in a small amount of liquid in a covered pan on the stove top.

BROTH-the liquid in which meat, poultry or vegetables have been simmered.
This is the same as ‘stock’.

BROWN-to fry food on high heat in a small amount of oil until the outside is brown.

CLOVE of GARLIC-1 piece or section of the garlic ‘bulb’.

COAT-to sprinkle food with or dip into flour or sauce until covered.

CREAM-to beat until smooth and blended, usually sugar & shortening.

DASH-a very small amount, less than 1/8 of a teaspoon.

DRIPPINGS-the fat or juice that is released from meat or poultry during the cooking process.

FILET-a boneless piece of meat, fish or poultry (also spelled ‘fillet’)

GRILL-to cook food on a rack by direct heat, usually hot coals.

KNEAD-to work a food mixture, usually dough, with a pressing, folding motion
to a well blended and smooth texture.

MARINADE-a seasoned liquid used to soak food, improve flavor and many times
to tenderize the meat or vegetable.

MARINATE-to soak in a ‘marinade’.

MERINGUE-a mixture of stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar, then baked only
until the tips are a light or golden brown.

PAN-BROIL-to cook, uncovered, on the stove top using high heat.

PAN-FRY-to cook over high heat in a small amount of shortening on the stove top.

PREHEAT-to heat the oven to a desired temperature before baking.

PUREE-to process in a blender or food processor until a smooth consistency is achieved.

ROAST-to cook meat or poultry uncovered in the oven.

SAUTÉ- to cook meat or vegetables in a small amount of oil or butter, using a
medium high heat and stirring frequently.

SHRED-to cut food into thin slivers.

SIMMER-to cook over low heat in liquid just below the boiling point on the stove top.

STEAM-to cook on a rack over boiling water on the stove top.

STEW-to cook food over low heat in a simmering liquid on the stove top.

STIR-FRY-to cook sliced or chopped food quickly over a high heat on the stove top,
stirring frequently.



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