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Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken our most asked questions and comments and put them
here for all to enjoy.  Hopefully this will help in your decision to order
items from us with confidence.  We treat every order, large and small,
with the same respect, service and guarantee that they deserve.  Our
main commitment is to SERVICE our customers needs and we welcome
any additional comments or questions.

Do you offer a printed catalog of your products?
At this time we do not offer a color catalog.  We have looked
into the possibility but have decided that to 'do it right' would
be cost prohibitive and we would have to charge about $5.00
just to break even. We are an Internet based business with
no 'storefront' but we do maintain a large inventory of our
products and pride ourselves on never having an item being
on 'back order'.

I still don't feel comfortable giving my credit
card number out over the Internet.  Is there any
other way I can order from you?
Absolutely-you can call and talk to a live agent at
210 294 4210

What is your 'refund policy'?
Very simple-no questions asked.  We do ask that our customer pay for
shipping and we will always advise which way would be the cheapest.
Exchanged and/or refunded items must be received
by us within 30 days of original delivery date along with original invoice.
You must obtain a "Return Authorization" from us before returning
ANY item. A "Restock Fee" of up to 25% may apply.

What is your normal processing time once an order
is received?

All orders are processed within 24 hours of receiving an order.  We
ship by UPS daily and US Postal Service (Priority Mail) Monday-

How do I know if my order has been received by your
After receiving an order placed Online, we normally process and
package an order ready to be shipped.  We then email our customer
with the UPS tracking number and a link where they can 'track' their
package until it arrives.  If the package is being shipped by Priority
Mail then we will advise the customer-either way you can expect an
email from us within 24 hours after placing an order.

For mailed in orders, if an email address is given, again we will email
that we have received the order and advise how the order will be

How do you ship items purchased?
Tortillas purchased (Tortilla Express) are ALWAYS shipped via USPS
Priority Mail so that we can insure they arrive in 2-3 days.  Next, the
smaller packages, normally under 3 lbs. are also shipped via PRIORITY
MAIL with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION (at our expense).  Larger
packages are shipped UPS Ground where delivery is no more than
5 business days anywhere in the continental United States.  We can
ship Overnight, 2nd Day, and 3rd Day Select for the exact additional
charge that UPS charges.  We can also ship by Federal Express if
our customer has an account with FedEx which many do.  We simply
do the paperwork and charge it the customer's account number.

What is your 'handling charge' for each order?
Zero. Nada. None. Zip.
We have only one shipping charge that covers everything and that
range is from $8.00 to maximum of $15.00 for any package shipped
in the continental United States. The shipping charge is based on the
amount purchased and the shipping chart can be found on the Order
Form for our products.

Do you ship to Canada and overseas?
Absolutely-we will always quote the best and cheapest way to ship to
areas other than the continental United States.  We ship on a regular basis
to Europe, Japan, and Canada as well as out of the way places such as
Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.  

There are several spices made by Bolner's that I don't
see listed on your website.  How can I order these?
Simply send us an email and we will be glad to Special Order for you.
Bolner's has hundreds of spices and we carry the most popular ones.
We receive a weekly shipment from Bolner's and ship any Special
Orders out the following day and email the customer that same day.

Do you know of a retailer or grocery store in Canada
that sells Ro*Tel Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies?
Wish I had a nickel for every email with this question!!
As far as we know, there are currently no distributors in Canada for
any of the Ro*Tel products.  We ship cases and cases of Rotel to folks
in Canada and they are glad to pay the extra shipping charge.

Why can I no longer find Gebhardt Louisiana Hot Sauce
at grocery stores where I live?
About the only place you'll find any remaining bottles of this Hot Sauce
are on EBay-if even there!!  Hunt Wesson bought Eagle Brand (which
was the parent company of Gebhardt) a couple of years ago.  They
almost immediately eliminated about half of the product line and among
the 'no longer produced' was the Hot Sauce.  Also the Enchilada Sauce,
Tamales in a Can, and Chili in a can.  Thank goodness they kept the
best Chili Powder in the world as well as the Chili Quick Instant Chili
Mix.  Conagra Foods bought Hunt Wesson in early 2000 and say they
have no plans of discontinuing the Gebhardt Chili Powder.

Why has my grocery store quit carrying the Ro*Tel
Whole Tomatoes and Green Chilies?
International Foods (parent company of Ro*Tel) decided in the
Spring of 2000 to discontinue producing the Whole variety and
replaced it with the new 'Chunky' version.  Same great flavor
and spices as the Original Diced and Green Chilies, only larger
pieces of tomato than the 'Original'.

Which is better, the Cast Iron or Aluminum
Tortilla Press for making tortillas?
Both presses work equally as well with some folks commenting
that they like the Cast Iron because of the extra weight.  It does
help the press from 'walking' on the counter and the extra weight
does take less effort in pressing the tortillas flat.  The Aluminum
style is more cost effective when shipping overseas or Internationally
as freight charges are based strictly on the weight.  Packaged, the
Aluminum Press weighs 2 lbs. 4 oz. and the Cast Iron Press
weights in at 6 lbs. 4 oz.  The shipping cost difference can be as
high as $20.00 if being shipped by AIR.

Aren't  all Tortilla Presses basically the same?
Yes and no.  First the 'yes'- they all do the same mundane
function-that is, they press a piece of dough into a flat
'pancake' like mass ready to be cooked.  The NO is where
you have to be careful.  You will find Tortilla Presses out
there for as low as 8.00 but if it only lasts a year or so and
you have to keep buying one was it really a bargain.  The
main difference is in the quality of the casting, the tightness
of the hinges and most importantly the painted finish.  Almost
all makers of tortilla presses in Mexico use a 'spray paint' that
is lacquer based to paint their presses.  When new, they look
fine but with time they the paint will come off and the rust
begins.  The exception is the only Press we sell-the TISA
Estrella Brand from Monterey, Mexico.  This foundry is owned
by a Japanese firm that has implemented the most up to date
manufacturing equipment and processes for casting iron.

The TISA Brand Tortilla Presses are 'powder coated', that is,
they are sprayed with a powder coating then baked at high
temperature for the paint to adhere to the iron.  This is the
very best technique available for applying paint that you want
to last for many years to come.  The automotive industry has
been using this technique for many years with great success.

At this time the only size available is the 6.5" TISA press.




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