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Fall  2014

December  2014

 As we enter our 15th season of "Official Tamale Making" season,
we want to remind everyone that we are the only Internet company
that offers FREE ADVICE when it comes to making Tamales.

This is becoming a "lost art" so to speak as most will attest to the
fact that it is a LOT of long, tedious hours to make a large batch
of those South Texas delicacies.  Anyone that has helped in the
process will tell you that spreading the masa is the WORST part
of this labor intensive endeavor.  Well not any more-a couple of
modern inventions have helped make this a more enjoyable 
experience and we sell both items.  For $8.00 the Mas Tamales
Masa Spreader will have you  knocking out those shucks ready
for filling, wrapping and streaming. The TAMALE KING is the
ultimate in fast production of tamales, cranking out 2 1/2 dozen
in 2 minutes. Then reload the cylinders in less than 2 minutes-

I have owned mine for going on 10 years and still wish I had bought
it sooner. I have now built a 450 sq ft commercial kitchen based on
the TK 156 model. Like most say "Wish I had bought it sooner".

If you don't have Tamale Recipe, use the one on our home page-

Consider making it even easier by purchasing the Meat and Masa
Seasoning 1 lb bulk packages. We use only the best spices in the
entire world, purchase them at wholesale prices and pass the
savings on to you. 

In closing, I just want to again thank all those customers that have
made this year a true pleasure and if you haven't used us for your
spices, give us a try.  We strive to give our customers the utmost in

Mike Ludwig
owner, Secrets to Cooking TexMex




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